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Flow is delighted to have been part of the team that’s brought the Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria (Javett-UP) to life.

Setting up for opening
The Javett-UP team sets up ahead of the centre's official opening. (Image: Javett-UP)

Javett-UP opens on Heritage Day, 24 September 2019. It’s a date that’s completely apt because Javett-UP finally gives the art of Africa a home: a place that not only acknowledges the amazing creativity of this continent, but also invites people to come and learn about African artists and their work. 

It’s a place that entreats visitors to fall in love with the art of Africa, to understand the critical role art plays in the narrative of the continent, and to engage with others about Africa and African art.

“It’s a gorgeous building: beautifully proportioned and flooded with light,” says Flow project manager Roshni Nana, who has been working with the Javett-UP team since the vision started taking shape two years ago.

The team at Javett-UP have been great clients, trusting Flow’s judgement and working in the spirit of partnership that’s characteristic of all great client/consultant relationships. Flow has delivered, and still delivers, public relations, website development, social media content development, design and production services for Javett-UP.

Section of the interior of teh Javett UP
A view of the interior of the new Javett Art Centre at UP. (Image: Javett-UP)

Javett-UP is not just another of those apparently rarefied art galleries that have been created for sherry-sipping, self-appointed highbrows who speak in hushed tones about composition, contrast and balance. Javett-UP is for everybody. It’s home to the art of Africa and, like all African homes, its doors are wide open to welcome friends, neighbours, strangers … and even self-appointed art highbrows.

Javett-UP opens with an exhibition of 101 of South Africa’s most celebrated, iconic masterpieces, including works by Irma Stern, Gerard Sekoto, Mary Sibande, Alexis Preller, JH Pierneef, Walter Battiss, William Kentridge and Lucky Sibiya. 

Most of the pieces have been loaned to Javett-UP for the opening exhibition, and come from private and corporate collections across the land. This is the first – and probably the last – time all these amazing works of art will be on show together, under the same roof. It’s an amazing opportunity to go and see the very best of South African art.

“We’re excited,” says Javett-UP director Christopher Till. “The art is on the walls, waiting to be enjoyed in this celebration of our South African heritage. It’s an incredibly special moment.”

Javett-UP opens to the public at midday on 24 September 2019. Entry is free until 29 September 2019. Book a free guided tour on Heritage Day here.

Bridge over Lynnwood Road linking Javett UP to the University of Pretoria
The bridge over Lynnwood Road that links Javett-UP to the University of Pretoria. (Image: Javett-UP)
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