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In the trying times that we live in, it’s become imperative to disseminate accurate information about the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in a timely manner. That is why Flow had to work at an expeditious pace when developing a Covid-19 staff mini site for the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

The platform serves as the IDC’s staff communication portal for the circulation of information pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic, important business information, a bit of entertainment and staff contributions.

“The IDC needed a mini site that would house all its staff communications in one easily accessible place,” says Flow project manager Ros Caboz.

“Flow also recommended that the internal comms take the format of a digital newsletter that is being sent out using an email marketing tool that will help keep the IDC connected with its partners, stakeholders and employees.”

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The mini site is a one-stop platform where all IDC employees can find information while working remotely.

Working to tight deadlines shortly after the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown was announced, Flow’s design, content and web development teams produced a finished product that is built on a sophisticated content management system. The site is fast, and is optimised for various devices and browsers.

“The mini site is intended to be a one-stop platform for all employees to find all the information that has been shared during lockdown,” says IDC corporate communications and marketing manager Nicolette Duda.

“It will help ease the phenomenal pressure that Covid-19 has placed on the internal communication team in terms of relaying important health and safety messages as well as business-related information to staff, who are all working remotely.”

Describing the mini site as a highly engaging platform, Duda says, “The idea of seeing your colleagues in a different setting than what you’re used to at work is a great drawcard to the site. I mean, we’ve had people sharing their TikTok videos, family photos, workstations from home, meals that they’ve cooked, and so on, which gives the platform a much-needed personal touch during this period of isolation.”

Flow’s content team was tasked with researching, writing, editing and publishing information that would meet two primary objectives.

“Our brief was to provide IDC staff with essential information in a single, easy-to-use resource – and make it so compelling that they will keep coming back to the site,” says Flow senior writer/editor Willem Steenkamp, who was responsible for writing, editing and proofreading the microsite and newsletter copy.

“In conjunction with Nicolette, we’ve been conceptualising and producing content that caters for their business needs, and provides tips on working from home, how to stay healthy, and how to look after one’s physical and mental well-being.”

“It was great to work with a team that was so supportive, and I have learnt a lot more about this sort of development functionality and layout than I did at the start of my career at Flow,” adds Flow web developer Hannah Nefdt, who highlighted the importance of teamwork in developing such a mini site quickly and to the highest standards.

“Working with Flow Communications on this project as the lifeboat amidst the storm at sea has been a humbling experience,” says Nicolette. “Although you deal with the account/client manager mostly, you realise there is a team of experts in the background that has your back, understands your needs and delivers quality creative on time. This is what you look for as a client and Flow has delivered on these consistently.”

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